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educational resources for home-schooling

Many parents across the country are making the choice to home-school their children. Today, there are many online resources that can be used to complete a child's education from home easily, but there are times that further information is needed or desired. So, where do you go to get the educational resources an supplies that you need for your kids? My site will provide you with the tips and advice that can help you find more than enough supplies to home-school your children. You can use my personal experience of digging through website after website to find the best resources to more easily find the things you need for your family.

educational resources for home-schooling

Remain Composed And Confident During Social Situations

Sean Fields

Anxiety can hold you back from achieving personal goals that you have set for yourself. If you feel nervous and have difficulty speaking assertively in social situations, your opinions and requests may never be acknowledged, resulting in needing to settle for subpar results that you are not comfortable with. Use the tips below to help you remain composed and confident during situations that involve speaking to others.

Use An Ebook As A Guide

Purchase an educational ebook that is geared toward reducing anxiety and maintaining control while performing for others or speaking in public. An ebook will provide you with tips that will help you understand common triggers for anxiety and ways to calm yourself down when you feel yourself beginning to panic or withdraw from others.

If you dealt with a situation in the past that caused you extreme embarrassment or that involved being judged in a harsh manner, it could be what prompted anxiety in the first place. In the book, you will be instructed to perform simple exercises that will boost your mood and help you remain focused on a goal.

Play Out Situations In Your Head And Mull Over Possibilities

It can be a scary prospect to imagine yourself being turned down or ridiculed when introducing an idea or requesting help at work. If you are faced with a task that involves approaching someone who you are not comfortable around, take the time to play out the impending situation in your head, and think about the various outcomes that you may have to deal with.

What is the worst that could happen? How would you handle being turned down after speaking your mind? Of course, you could cower in a corner and feel sorry for yourself if a situation doesn't go as well as you planned, but this does not have to be the outcome that you settle for.

Envision yourself remaining relaxed and in control while you approach the other person. Be wary that things may not end well, but that it is not your fault if you receive less than satisfying results. Remind yourself that you are doing everything in your power to achieve your goal and that you are not responsible for others and their reactions. 

Join a Therapeutic Group and Challenge Yourself

A therapeutic group that is geared toward individuals who suffer from anxiety can help you grow accustomed to being around others. During meetings, you will be able to listen to others as they describe situations that involved them feeling socially awkward and suffering from panic attacks or being at a loss for words.

Your group leader may encourage you and other members to interact with one another while performing small skits that replicate situations that could occur in real life. Challenge yourself by speaking up during group sessions and using what you have learned during each meeting on occasions that involve confronting others in your personal life.

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